Cabum – Aponkye (GOAT) Prod. By Cabumonline

Cabum – Aponkye (GOAT) Prod. By Cabumonline

Cabum is back again with another bang titled ‘Aponkye’ (GOAT) produced all by himself.

Cabum keeps celebrating some of the music legends in Ghana and doesn’t hesitate to call them out when he has some serious issues to discuss.

This new music combines humor with respect and we made this out from the song title.

The song ‘Aponkye’ takes a literal translation of the acronym G.O.A.T which originally means “Greatest Of All Times”. ‘Aponkye’ in the Akan language means GOAT as in the animal itself.

Usually, people he mentioned MIGHT have a personal understanding of the song which we believe will depend on Cabum’s relationship with the music star in question.

Creativity creates debates and I think Cabum is mastering or has


(Curled From LoudsoundGh)

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