PHOTOS: Orijinal Beats Brings The Heat To OL’Lady’s In Kumasi

PHOTOS: Orijinal Beats Brings The Heat To OL’Lady’s In Kumasi

OL’ Lady’s came alive as party lovers jammed the night away to music from DJ Slim, DJ Aroma and iPhone DJ with the enterprising Kojo Manuel on the M.I.C.

The sports and fun pub transformed into a party zone, and as the night grew, the dance floor was busy, the drinks at special promo prices kept flowing and the general vibe kept increasing.

Following the success in Accra, Orijin took Orijinal Beats to Kumasi, honouring its promise to take its music and party train on a tour.

A tour that will have party lovers enjoy performances from their favourite DJs at their favourite pubs while riding the Orijin wave all night long.

With live transmission on YFM, DJ Aroma and iPhone DJ put on a display that got the house dancing and singing along to tunes which span every known era. As the two crisscrossed and moved through genres, the party was on high octane.

Orijinal Beats brings the heat to OL’ Lady’s

Just when the crowd thought they had heard it all, DJ Slim, large and in-charge in the iconic Orijin Boombox, came in to elevate a party which was already banging.

Kumasi truly acknowledged and appreciated its own as he reenergized and kept the unique Orijin Beats vibe going.

From afrobeat to hip-hop, there were resounding cheers from the crowd that made Orijinal Beats-Kumasi a music and party fun-fest, worthy of all the hype it generated.

For the cities and spots waiting their turn, no worries, Orijin has something in store for you. Cross those fingers!


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